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Though I hold dual citizenship for the US and Germany, I'm a born and raised Los Angeles entrepreneur, costume designer and fashion stylist. As a true-bred Valley Girl, my eye for fashion developed as a toddler, wearing only print on print and ruffles. I pursued my interest in the Art and Fashion worlds of New York City for a period, but my path led me back to Los Angeles in 2009, where I founded my eco-friendly and sustainable vintage online retail company My Grandma’s Closet. Named for my Grandma Sylvia's amazing fashion sense, My Grandma’s Closet was established to showcase my favorite hand-picked novelty and designer vintage items. Now, I source, style, and sell iconic vintage clothing in Los Angeles. Since graduating from University in 2011 with a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing, I have been able to expand my skills and pursue a career as an IATSE costume designer and a freelance fashion stylist. My Creative Writing degree informs my preparation; I strive to deeply understand a narrative’s structure and meaning. My detail-oriented approach is always the catalyst to creative costume design, which ultimately elevates the narrative’s visual impact. As a fashion stylist, I utilize my passion for revival vintage to inspire fashion ensembles, which have been published in high-profile fashion magazines.


pronouns: she/her

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